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I have indeed gained good experience in the field of scientific translation in English and French. As a matter of fact, I worked in the field of translation of texts belonging to different cultural fields: chemistry, medicine, economics, legal translation and literature, modern and medieval history of Europe.As we generally know, good translation is not usually just a question of translating each word in turn of the source text into the target language. Nor does it (often) consist, however, of the translator skimming through the source text, putting it aside and then jotting down the general idea of it in his or her own words in the target language. In between the two extremes there is a wide variety of techniques ("strategies"), many of which translators will use intuitively for any given text.From the methodological point of view I have always ensued the following good-practices in translation: borrowing, literal translation, transposition, modulation, reformulation, compensation, adaptation.


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