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Siam Boxing

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After twelve successful years, the Power Gym school, because of the end of the tenancy, has been forced to move. As times before, we choose to change our name accordingly with the change of the premises.

Thus, the thirty year experience of Master Flavio Monti brings to the creation of "Siam Boxing" which aim is the spreading of Muay Thai in both its aspects: the well-known fighting sport, the Thai Boxing, and its ancient progenitor, the Mae Mai Muay Thai, or Muay Boran.

Numerous and different are the activities we are involved in, from the study of the traditional forms to sport competitions; for this reason our staff is constantly on the move, our instructors are always up-to-date and our competitors are always ready for new challenges.



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Last gala in Pieve Emanuele. Another stage of the circuit "Champions of the future" and again our girls... [vai al sito]

Another victory for Francesca and Agnese. Again the girls and again a great victory for us.. and what a satisfaction!... [More]

Teo wins again! The first class C match can be very tricky, fighting with bare shins means... [More]


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